1. Personal Data
1.1 Signing up Go Friends Gay Rewards your full name and address must be provided. If you have provided Friends Medien with an email address or a mobile phone number, we may send you messages related to transactions with the 'Go Friends' Bonus Program. All personal data will be filed and used by Friends Medien, Lindenstrasse 25 in 71686 Remseck/Germany, as the operator of 'Go Friends'.
1.2 Your personal data might be shared with those partner businesses you've ordered their corporate card or if you've earned or used points or rewards through/with them; except pharmacies. We do not share personal data with other partner businesses than described above. We neither share or even sell personal data with/to third parties, and do not intend to do so in the future. We may disclose personal data to government authorities or to third parties pursuant to a subpoena or other legal process to the extent we are required to do so.
1.3 All partner businesses are prohibited to file, share or sell personal data which are gathered through the partnership with Go Friends.
1.4 All points transactions will be submitted to our server through the partner business' online terminal, incl. card no., date, purchase and points. In case you’ve received a coupon code we only file card no., date, issuing partner and points credit. Friends Medien does not file products and does not create consumer behaviour/related statistics!

2. Advertising & Promotions
2.1 If you have provided Friends Medien with an email address or a mobile phone number, all 'Go Friends' partner businesses may inform you about their special offers. These promotions will be submitted anonymously through Friends Medien gateways. To avoid unnecessary traffic partner businesses may target their message by pre-selected anonymous customer criteria (i.e. age, living area, etc.).
2.2 You may request to be removed from the 'Go Friends' promotional subscription lists by logging in and visiting your profile. You may still receive system information by mail which might be important for your participation.

3. Cookies
3.1 In order to provide comfortable navigation of our website we are using cookies. No personal information will be filed with cookies.

4. Sonstiges
4.1 You may request all of your personal information filed at/with 'Go Friends'.
4.2 For more information please send us a mail through our contact form or send a letter to Friends Medien, Lindenstrasse 25, 71686 Remseck/Germany.

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